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‘A Woman in harmony 

with her Spirit 

is like a river flowing. 

She goes where she will 

without pretense and arrives 

at her destination prepared 

to be herself 

and only herself.’


-Maya Angelou




Pregnancy and Birth is a sacred journey. Dear Mother-to-be, outwardly your body is growing to create space for your unborn child. Inwardly, pregnancy creates space for your own growth and healing. Historically, pregnancy and childbirth was supported by midwives, healers, and family members. Massage was an important tool in assessing a mother's well-being and managing stress and pain before, during, and after birth. However, with the rise of modern medicine and more clinical birthing environments we have lost some of these essential practices. 


As a Massage Therapist and Mother, I am grateful to see pregnancy massage returning as an important component of Pre-Natal Care. Massage Therapy increases body awareness, which during pregnancy is changing everyday. This awareness is an important tool in understanding and integrating your needs and connecting with your baby. 


Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

  • Reduced back and joint pain (Sciatic Pain)

  • Hormone Regulation and Stress Relief

  • Reduction of Swelling and Edema

  • Reduced muscle tension and Headaches

  • Increased blood flow for Mom AND Baby

  • Improved Sleep

Postpartum Supportive Care

Let’s begin with a question: Why are we not talking about this more?! Everyday New Mothers are embarking on this journey in life with no map, no compass, and few tools to nurture themselves and reconnect with their bodies in new and transformative ways. There is little instruction as to how to care for the Postpartum body. With Postpartum Supportive Care you, New Mother, are given a safe, sacred space to connect with your breath, belly, core, and inner teacher. Your map is within you, your compass is awaiting your directive, your body is your tool to Self discovery and healing.


What to expect from a Postpartum Massage:

  • Massage and breathwork to integrate the WHOLE body with the Core

  • Massage of the Diaphragm to help release and re-inform the Breath

  • Abdominal Massage to gently eliminate scar tissue and prepare your Core for proper healing and strength

  • Cesarian Mommies: If and when it is comfortable for you we can work on the site to release surrounding tissues for a quicker more seamless recovery


Some of the MANY benefits of Postpartum Massage:

  • Naturally manages pain

  • Assists in the elimination of excess water and blood

  • Improves milk production

  • Reduces symptoms of Postpartum Depression

  • Improves Diaphragmatic Breathing, which is your body’s best Stress Reliever


When we are connected with ourselves we can come to a deeper connection with our babies and growing families. A Mother’s wellness is essential for a healthy family. I invite you, Mother, to experience your body in new and profound ways with Postpartum Supportive Care.


"I was lucky enough to experience a remarkably healthy, comfortable, and pain-free pregnancy. I attribute this, in large part, to my regular massages with Jill. Not only did I leave each appointment feeling aligned and lighter, the work that she did also carried through to my life between appointments. Jill is extremely knowledgeable about how bodies work - in general, and during pregnancy - and she is great at pinpointing the source of muscle discomfort. She shared information with me that helped me with self care, from the direction of movement of the digestive tract, to how I could balance better while playing violin. After I delivered my baby, Jill came to my house to do a postnatal massage. It was amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough."



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