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Your body is Sacred.
It is the house that your Spirit resides. It is your teacher. It is your guide. 
To honor your Body is to honor the Earth, the Stars, and all that is Sacred.
I invite you on a Healing Journey with yourSelf. Where you can allow your body to teach you.
When You Heal, the World will Follow.


About Us

About Jill Marie


Jill Marie is a Mother, Bodyworker, Teacher, and Singer. She is a Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Qoya Instructor, and Certified Massage Therapist with further education in Aromatherapy and Sound Healing. She has been practicing Massage Therapy and Reiki Healing for 11 years. Her Sessions offer healing at the physical, emotional, 

energetic and Spiritual level. To schedule your appointment click below.

Green Plant


Reiki is an energetic healing modality that originates in Japan. It supports healing at a physical, emotional, energetic, and Spiritual level. The work Reiki is composed of 2 Japanese words - Rei, meaning Universal Consciousness or Source Energy and Ki, meaning Energy, much like Chi or Prana. 


Reiki is a healing modality that is simple, natural, and safe. It is subtle yet powerful. It heals at the energetic, emotional, and mental layers of your being. It also works well in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic techniques to promote recovery and overall health. Holy Fire Reiki is the Flame of Divine Love that we are made of. It marks a progression of Traditional Usui Reiki. As the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and our Planet is rising, so to is the Healing vibration of Reiki. To schedule a Healing Session click below.

Pregnant Woman Belly. Pregnancy Concept.

Prenatal / Postpartum Massage


Pregnancy and Birth is a sacred journey. Dear Mother-to-be, outwardly your body is growing to create space for your unborn child. Inwardly, pregnancy creates space for your own growth and healing. Massage is an important tool to manage stress and pain before, during, and after birth. It increases body awareness, which during pregnancy is changing everyday. This awareness is an important tool in understanding and integrating your needs and connecting with your baby. With Postpartum Supportive Care you, New Mother, are given a safe, sacred space to reconnect with your body in new and transformative ways. 

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Sacred Temple Healing
2348 Thomas Ave North
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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