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Qoya is a movement class based on the idea that through movement we remember; we remember our essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Wise, Wild and Free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice. 


Wise - the wisdom of yoga. 

Wild- the creative expression in dance. 

Free - expanding our capacity to enjoy our bodies through expressive movement

Qoya offers a Sacred Space for discovering the Inherent Truth within you. 

Your body is your guide.
It is the compass you use to navigate the journey to trusting yourself. 

See below for upcoming Qoya classes, all being held via Zoom until further notice.


Qoya Solstice- I Am my Authentic Self

Saturday, June 20th 10:00am-12:00pm

Solstice is here. 2020 has shined it's Light on many things. It's questioned us. It's called up our demons, individually and collectively. Amongst the Chaos there is a Calling. What is MY Core Purpose here, now on this Planet? 


I invite you to gather your Light and join in Circle. Qoya is a movement practice that acknowledges a Truth, that through Movement we have the opportunity to Remember our Inherent Nature. Our Authentic Self. 


Join the Circle. This Gathering is open to

All Genders. 


This is a donation based class. Taught Via Zoom. Suggested donation $5-$33. But, don’t let money get in the way. Bring your good vibes! Please donate via Venmo

or via PayPal
my PayPal email is




To keep up to date on future Qoya offerings join the

Qoya Minnesota Facebook Group


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