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Qoya is a movement class based on the idea that through movement we remember; we remember our essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Wise, Wild and Free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice. 


Wise - the wisdom of yoga. 

Wild- the creative expression in dance. 

Free - expanding our capacity to enjoy our bodies through expressive movement

Qoya offers a Sacred Space for discovering the Inherent Truth within you. 

Your body is your guide.
It is the compass you use to navigate the journey to trusting yourself. 

See below for upcoming Qoya classes, all being held via Zoom until further notice.


Full Moon in Scorpio


Friday, May 8th 7-8:30pm

Through Movement we Remember. Qoya is a Feminine Movement Practice that invites us to reconnect with the Essence of who we are; our Wisdom, our inherent Wild, and the feeling of Freedom. These words also draw reference to the movement forms we practice. WISE - the wisdom of Yoga, WILD - the creative expression of dance, and FREE - expanding our experience of being in our bodies through expressive movement. 

The Full Moon signifies a time of culmination and expression of the seeds that have been sown in the New Moon. This Full Moon supports


Aires energy which is manifests as our Sovereign Self, which is balanced by the Sun in Libra which manifests as the 'other' or partnership. This Full Moon gives us the opportunity to remember our Inner Spark, the Fire that makes us alive. Join me as we witness and Dance with our Flame.

October 13th 7-8:30pm

$20 no need to register

At Four Gates

4238 Nicollet Avenue,

Minneapolis, MN 55409

For more information and other Qoya gatherings see below;

Qoya at Four Gates Physical and Energetic Culture

For more information on Qoya and Retreats visit


Sisterhood Qoya Combo

Combining Qoya and Yoga Flow, join the Circle of Sisters. With Jill Marie and Lulu.  

Dates TBA

via Zoom

To keep up to date on our future offerings join the

Sisterhood Facebook Group


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