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Sisterhood Retreat

Welcome, Sister.

The Circle of Sisters is undeniable Magic. We honor eachothers' Light,

bear Loving Witness to eachothers' Dark, and lean into ourSelves.

This is the Unique Beauty of Sisterhood. 

There is a Seat in the Circle waiting for you. 

It is the one that No One else is sitting in.

Join Us. ​


August 18th-21st

at Wild River State Park



Welcome, dear Sister. The Circle of Women is unending. Now more than ever it is imperative to gather. To bring our own Sacred Medicine together in Circle. A Rising Tide Raises ALL Ships. I invite you to Dance with me, Sit with me, Pray with me, for all of us. 

This Sisterhood Retreat will include the following:


  • Expanding our Essence through Qoya practice

  • Enjoying the Divine Mother Earth through Hiking and Swimming

  • Feeling Deeply into Gratitude through Despacho Ceremony

  • Bowing into Prayer through Fire Ceremony

  • Having FUN and Healing with fellow Sisters!



We will be staying in a Group Campsite at Wild River State Park. You will need to bring your own tent or coordinate with another Sister. No campers or RVs. The following is provided:


  • Our own private Sauna, just for us Sisters!

  • A peaceful wood-burning stone fireplace that looks out onto a snow covered lake

  • Cross Country and Snowshoe Trails nearby



Jill Marie

Jill is a Mother, Bodyworker, Teacher, and Singer. She is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Holy Fire III Karuna Master Teacher, and Qoya Instructor. She is passionate about Women's Health, creating connection through community, and supporting individual and collective growth through her work as a bodyworker and facilitator. 


Through her own journey she has discovered that the best medicine comes from the Circle of Sisterhood. She is excited to be leading this Retreat again allowing us to dive deeper into the medicine of the Sisterhood.



LULU loves the REAL.

All manner of LIGHT is her given language.

CURIOSITY, CREATIVITY,  & KINDness is her nature.

LULU is into the MYSTIC... the movement... the moment… the mmmmhmmm’s… & the amen’s.

TRUTH + INTUITION + ORION'S BELT (her baby boy) are her north star.

GRATITUDE & the “SHOW UP” , continue to be her humble guides back to service of self & others.

A seeker of the known & circular connection point.  A believer in MIRACLES & SHIFT no-matter what. Internal & External perspective arrow forever intendedly aimed at “unity intelligence”.


SILLY & SIRIUS (serious)  lifts her up, but the generous among us are what truly lights her fire.

will get messy for love & light.

will get clean for love & light.


YOGA is her:  teacher, playground, temple, mirror, guide, mountain, water, diamond, surrender, flow, edge, stillness, devotion, generous teacher, lesson, teacher, lesson, teacher…

IMG_0797 2_edited.jpg

Itinerary (subject to change depending on the needs of the group)


4:00-6:00    Arrive, settle in, and get cozy by the Fire

6:00-7:00     Dinner

7:30-9:30      Opening Ceremony


6:15-7:00     Meditation with Lulu

7:30-8:30     Breakfast

9:00-11:00  Qoya with Jill

11:30-1:00    Lunch and Lounge

1:00-5:00    Ski, Sauna, Rest, Rejuvenate

5:30-6:30     Dinner

7:00-9:00    Restorative Yoga with Lulu



6:15-7:00     Meditation with Lulu

7:30-8:30     Breakfast

9:00-11:00  Cacao Ceremony and Meditation with Lulu

11:30-1:00    Lunch and Lounge

1:00-5:00    Ski, Sauna, Rest, Rejuvenate

5:30-6:30     Dinner

7:00-9:00    Qoya with Jill 

*Candlelight Snow Labyrinth to Follow


6:15-7:00      Meditation with Lulu

7:00-8:00    Breakfast

8:30-11:00    Qoya with Jill and Closing Ceremony

Cost and Register

Your price includes:


  • Daily Qoya, Yoga, and Meditation classes

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Accommodations

  • 3 Nourishing Meals Per Day

  • Healthy Snacks 

  • Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Fresh Local Spring Water available all weekend 

Your price does NOT include:

  • Transportation to Buckhorn (although I will set up communication for carpooling) and send information if you are flying in.

  • Cross-Country Skis or Snowshoes. Rental options provided once registered.



Register Today! 


Option 1 - Private Room with a Queen Bed

(only 1 more spot available!)       


Option 2 - Full sized bed in shared room

(only 1 more spot available!)          

Option 3 - Shared Queen bed in Private Room   

                       (sign up with another SiStar)        




For any other questions, 

please contact me.

Cost an Register
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